15 Jan 2023 13:36

OMINO kickoff meeting

The official kick-off meeting of the OMINO project was held on 12th and 13th of January 2023 at the Faculty of Physics (1st day) and Faculty of Mathematics and Information Sciences (2nd day), Warsaw University of Technology.

The partners of the project represent different societies: among them are physicists, specialists working with information flows, complex networks and sociophysics and data mining, computer scientists, and social and cognitive scientists, as well as journalists. The whole team of partners has been chosen in such a way that their members' competencies are complementary and necessary to understand the phenomenon of information overload. The kick-off meeting was devoted to the integration of OMINO's beneficiaries owing to presentations of each team as well as Workpackages. Additional time was reserved for the bilateral meetings that shall give foundations to the forthcoming secondments among partners. The meeting was joined by Prof. Mariusz Malinowski, Vice-Rector for Research at WUT and Prof. Wojciech Wróbel, the Dean of the Faculty of Physics.